Behringer Feedback Destroyer DSP-1100 Beg

Behringer Feedback Destroyer DSP-1100 Beg
Modellnummer: DSP-1100
Tillgänglighet: I lager
Pris: 700 kr
Exkl. moms: 700 kr
Antal:     - ELLER -   Lägg till i önskelista


You know the situation: your system is perfectly set up and carefully equalized. You've done everything possible to avoid problems. Then it happens: a mic too close to a speaker... ear-splitting feedback. Switch on a DSP1100P and you'll hear the difference immediately. Within fractions of a second, the FEEDBACK DESTROYER PRO's ingenious search algorithm locates feedback frequencies and sets extremely narrow, 1/60-octave filters, leaving the desired signal virtually untouched. The result: a rich, full sound without feedback. And without headaches.


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